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Soft Baits
Soft Baits
Foxtail Spinner
Foxtail Spinner
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Jig & Spinner Baits
Want to get the biggest bites out of the water? J Baits soft baits are the best quality, scented, durable and the lowest price around.
Hola, big fish! Custom crafted, hand poured and injected with no lack of attention to detail. Get bigger bites with better baits.
Lure performance never means cheap. J Baits fishing lures are designed to cast light, spin well, and catch big fish.
No J Bait should be without a Jig & Spinner. Jigs, spinners, trailers, weight enhancement. These baits have a smooth easy action and always ready to go. Available in a variety of colors.

- Dena Marie

- Jimmy

- Joseph Kelly

(New PB Bass)

Lady holding a fish she caught Lady holding a fish she caught
Kayak Bass tournament measurement.Kayak Bass tournament measurement.
Bass caught and lippedover a body of waterBass caught and lippedover a body of water

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